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For Outstanding Precision & Molds in Higher Temperature Applications the Best Choice is Addition (Platinum) Cure Silicone.

Platinum Cure Silicone Rubber Selector Guide

ProductMix Ratio
by Weight
HardnessMixed ViscosityColor
Magikmold® P-535T5:1A35-4030,000 cPClear
Magikmold® P-540T10:1A35-4075,000 cPClear
Magikmold® P-54510:1A4530,000 cPGreen
Magikmold® P-56010:1A6040,000 cPBlue
Magikmold® P-5081:1A82,400 cPTranslucent
Magikmold® P-5251:1A203,400 cPBlue
Magikmold® P-5201:1A2045,000 cPClear

Ideal for :

  • Concrete molds
  • Jewelry molds
  • Pewter molds
  • Precision molds for the rapid prototyping industry
  • Molds with multiple components that snap or fit together
  • Candle and soap molds

There are limitless casting materials that are best cast into silicone molds including

  • Epoxy resin
  • Candle wax
  • Foundry wax
  • Urethane resin
  • Plaster
  • Concrete
  • Soap
  • Low melt metals
  • Hot melt glue
  • Food and chocolate
  • Gummi bears
  • Ice sculptures and statues
  • Add your application here!

Rapid prototyper’s who make some of the most precise parts in the world use platinum cure silicone for true-to-life accuracy in replication. It’s an essential ingredient when making parts that fit or snap together. Addition cure silicones are sensitive to inhibition which can show itself as localized sticky areas. To avoid inhibition substances to keep away from include :

  • Condensation (tin) cure silicone
  • Clay containing sulphur
  • Amines (in some epoxies)
  • Latex
  • Natural rubbers
  • Powder on latex gloves (the gloves too!)
  • Nitrogen oxide
  • Carbon monoxide

You’ll enjoy the benefits of addition (platinum) cure silicone if you make precise parts or have a high heat application.