Raw Material Suppliers Mold Making Materials

Raw Material Suppliers offers high-quality tin-cured and platinum-cured RTV silicone rubbers and puttiesRTV urethane rubbers, and latex rubber for making high-quality flexible molds.

Silicone molds are great for casting urethane plastic and rubber, polyester casting resin, plaster, concrete, epoxy, soap, wax and some low-melt metals. Release agent is not necessary for casting most materials into silicone molds, but for longer mold life with epoxy, polyurethane or polyester resins, a barrier coat or release agent (e.g., Stoner E-236 Urethane Mold Release) is recommended.

Urethane molds are great for casting concrete, plaster, wax, and some urethane plastic and rubber casting. Release agent is generally not necessary for casting plaster and some waxes in urethane molds, but is needed when casting concrete or urethane resins.

Latex molds are most often used for casting concrete and plaster and are brushed on to create thin, blanket molds (usually 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick) – sometimes called “sock molds”.

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