Mold release agents help de-mold your part easier while extending mold life. For temporary tooling such as silicone or urethane molds the release forms a barrier coat between the resin casted and the mold helping the mold to last longer. For metal molds used in rotational molding the mold release bonds to the metal creating a slippery surface allowing your part to be de-molded or separated from the mold.

Raw Material Suppliers provides a number of mold releases that can reduce cycle times, defects, and browning of a metal mold. Be it petroleum jelly, paste wax, silicone based lubricants, paintable dry films, food grade, semi-permanent or sealing and conditioning release agents, we have them all. For easy reference, we have categorized these products into two sections: industrial mold release and rotational mold release.

All of our mold releases help with:

  • Lowering the scrap rate
  • Reducing build-up on the mold that directly results in saving time, effort, and money spent on cleaning
  • Achieving a glossy or matte finish

Just as mold releases play a key role in in-house and small scale production of casted parts, they are also instrumental in rotomolding (rotational molding). In rotomolding mold release agents must utilize a dual approach. First, mold release agents ensure that the fully molten top layer of the formed component remains in close contact with the mold’s wall throughout the heating cycle as well as the initial stage of the cooling cycle. Afterward the heating process, it takes the reverse approach as the component is cooling. At this time, it enables the molded part to slide out quickly without any surface abrasion damage. We provide mold release agents for rotational molding in both solvent and water-based forms. Our first-class mold releases and mold specialty products do not damage molds. Because of their thermal stability and chemical inertness they have no corrosive effect, unlike organic mold release substances. You will not just be able to maintain your molds for an extended period, but you will also be able to increase production efficiency. All our mold releases are easy to apply and economically sound.

All the right ingredients we’ve got what you need!

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