Introducing Ultraclear Polyurethane Casting Resin

THE EVIDENCE IS CLEAR Raw Material Suppliers is excited to introduce the newest series of water clear polyurethanes by Hapco that have been specifically formulated and independently tested for their UV Resistance. Not only have these Ultraclear products been formulated without the use of Mercury, they have also passed a UV exposure test that is the equivalent […]

What is Precision Board?

Also know as “sign board” and “ tooling board”  Precision Board is a rigid high-density polyurethane board (HDU) designed for many applications and industries. It is a great substrate for dimensional signage, composite tooling, thermoforming tools, check fixtures, modeling, prototyping and trim work. Precision Board Plus manufactured in California and distributed through Raw Material Suppliers is available in Low-Temp or High-Temp options […]

Tech Tips from Permabond

Permabond Engineering Adhesives Glossary of Cure Terms Fixture time: This is the time it takes before two substrates (adherends) being bonded together can no longer be “wiggled.” Handling time: After the adhesive has been applied and the joint assembled and clamped, the handling time is the point at which the clamps can be removed and the joint […]

Introducing Hapco’s X Series molding Chambers

Hapco’s X-Series Molding Chambers “Rejects”  one of the largest issues facing the casting world. Part rejects occur as a result of entrapped air, voids, dimensional inaccuracy, human error or improperly cured material. Whatever the cause may be Raw Material Suppliers has the solution with Hapco products. The combination of heat and pressure is often required […]

Introducing ABS 3D Printer Filament

ABS 3D Printer Filament Introductory Price only $18.00 per kg roll! Strong and easy to print is why Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS is one of the most popular 3D printing materials in the world. It requires less force than PLA and is perfect for small parts. Final products made with ABS are very durable, withstand a wide […]

ABS or PLA: Which 3D printing filament should you use?

(reposted with permission from Digital Trends. Here is the original article by Brendan Hesse) Perhaps the most important part of 3D printing is using the right material for your print job. When considering what building material to use, there are numerous factors to consider, including strength, flexibility, accuracy, and special conditions the material may require […]

Worlds Finest Paste Wax Mold Release

DON’T GET STUCK IN A MOLD FINISH KARE 1000P HI-LOW PASTE WAX WILL STOP SILICONE FROM STICKING TO YOUR MOLD BOX The Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Low Paste Wax contains a blend of synthetic waxes that are good general release agents for epoxies, urethanes, rubbers, acrylics and ceramics. Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Low Paste Wax is also great for applying to […]

How To Choose RTV Silicone When Making Resin Casting Molds

(Tin or Platinum Cure) by Silicone Specialist Steve Levine I’m going to talk about why you need to choose tin or platinum when buying silicone for mold making but first you should know tin cure is also known as “condensation cure silicone” and platinum cure is also known as “addition cure silicone”.

Learn How To Print On Silicone Rubber Wristbands

Printer Dan thought printing on silicone rubber wristbands with traditional inks would be child’s play. He mixed his ink, applied the design to his parts and when the ink dried he had beautiful looking imprints on the part. Printer Dan packaged the customized silicone pieces and shipped them to his customers all over America.

FDA Grade Plastic

STERALLOY THE FIRST LIQUID MOLDING POLYMER ALLOY SERIES DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR FOOD AND DRUG APPLICATIONS Steralloy 2791-5 Knee Cartilage ReplacementSteralloy is the first Liquid Molding Polymer Alloy Series that has been specifically designed for food and drug applications. All of the products in the Steralloy Series exhibit unique physical and chemical properties, are FDA approvable […]

Top 4 Moisture Sources That Ruin Resin Castings

If you’re not careful you can contaminate urethane resin which leaves bubbles and/or foam in your molded parts. Find out common sources of contamination to urethane resin and ways to avoid them in this article.

Fast High Performance Hybrid Elastomeric Alloys

HAPFLEX HIGH PERFORMANCE HYBRID ELASTOMERIC POLYMER ALLOYS All Hapflex elastomers are medium-low viscosity making them easy to handle and pour. Hapflex ranges from 20A all the way up to 70D hardness and provides precise duplications of surface details. In addition, the Hapflex elastomers are virtually shock resistant, highly wear resistant and unbreakable making them exceptionally

What Are Some Applications for Polyurethane Castings?

The average person does not realize how many common day-to-day objects are made using polyurethane castings. In fact nearly 75% of consumer products have been created using polyurethane materials. Out of that 75% more than half have likely been created with a polyurethane casting. The reason why polyurethane is not thought of as being the […]

Silicone Inks, For An Amazing Graphic Print

When To Use Silicone Ink Do you have a difficult printing job that involves placing logos on high spandex materials like sportswear? Anyone, who is familiar with the screen-printing process, knows that printing graphics on fabrics that have a high polyester content (such as sportswear) can be quite a nuisance especially, if they don’t have […]

Now You Too Can Print With Silicone Ink

Now You Too Can Print With Silicone Ink on Wrist Bands, Swim Caps, Cell Phone Holders Every once in a while you come across a technology that is simple and well-timed. Printing onto a silicone part seems to mystify most. But now; color filled silicone wrist bands are routinely printed through a heat process using […]

The Best Mold Release Products From RAW Material Suppliers

Mold release agents are an important part of the mold making process. These are the lubrications that separate the master from the mold, the casted part from the mold and one side of the mold from the other. Without a mold release substance the molding product and mold may become bonded together creating a difficult […]

RAW Material Suppliers Liquid Mold Technologies

RAW Material Suppliers provides the best liquid mold technology for industrial purposes. RAW Material Suppliers stocks leading brands of silicone, urethane, mold release and adhesives. When it comes to liquid mold technology we make no exception! We currently supply the best liquid molding resins from Hapco Inc., one of the best-known manufactures of liquid molding […]

Save Your Metal!

  prevent metal from CORROSION! LUSIN® PROTECT G31 IS THE PERFECT ANTI-CORROSIVE/LUBRICANT Lusin® Protect G31® is the first wax based protective agent of its kind and unique in the industry due to its dry, non-tacky finish when applied. Lusin® Protect G31® prevents metal corrosion and is designed for the maintenance and life extension of plastic production […]

More Information About Silicone Mold Making

Silicone Mold Making with silicone rubber is well know for being the best way to create molds or fossils that are long lasting and strong. While the process of silicone mold making is similar to mold making with liquid latex, silicone creates a more flexible highly enduring mold. The main reason while molders continue to […]