What Are Some Applications for Polyurethane Castings?

The average person does not realize how many common day-to-day objects are made using polyurethane castings. In fact nearly 75% of consumer products have been created using polyurethane materials. Out of that 75% more than half have likely been created with a polyurethane casting.

The reason why polyurethane is not thought of as being the primary material in many so many household products is because it is often upholstered or covered by fabric so you don’t often seethe polyurethane visibly exposed. If you are not familiar with the look and texture of polyurethane, it is the foam-like spongy material that is inside of your couch cushions and vehicle seats. It is also used as insulation in doorframes, refrigerators, and windows. In fact, if you look around your home right now there is likely a polyurethane object within your eyes view. It is an extremely common textile because of its versatility and the various compositions and density levels that it is available in.

Polyurethane Comes in Various Densities That Can Be Molded in Polyurethane Castings

In order to accommodate the wide variety of products that are made with polyurethane, polyurethane itself needs to come in a variety of densities, at varying levels of hardness. Some densities of polyurethane are too soft and cannot be molded with a casting. For the most part however, most medium to high densities of polyurethane can be cast into practically any shape using a premade casting. This makes this foam-like material an affordable choice for the manufacturing of multiple duplicate items, in mass quantities hence, the reason why polyurethane products are so common.

Working with polyurethane castings requires an innate understanding of the different types polyurethane densities and the various industrial forms that polyurethane comes in. This includes knowing the different applications of both pour foams, and spray foams. As well as the various casting resins that are available. For the most part polyurethane castings are done with flexible polyurethane pour foam that will quickly form to the castings shape.

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