It’s no secret that Silicone ink is the only substance that will stick to silicone parts. You know this if you’ve tried to print on silicone with conventional inks; the print looks good but rubs off easily. RAW Material Suppliers provides the highest quality and easiest to use silicone ink in the world.

Unlike some conventional inks silicone is safe to work with. It’s platinum cure technology which is of the same technology used by Dentists. There are no dangerous fumes when mixing or curing. The ink cures at 250-400f in two to six minutes creating the permanent marking you are trying to achieve. Don’t worry about your part being able to take the heat either because most silicone parts can take 500 – 550f continuously. If your part melts then its not silicone and you are using the wrong ink!

Some of the benefits of RAW Material Suppliers silicone ink include:

• Easy to use
• Robust adhesion – will not rub off easily; automotive companies use it for in car buttons so you know it will last
• Colorfast – comes in nine colors plus clear so you can add your own color
• Water resistant
• High gloss finish: you can use the clear coat to achieve a matte finish
• Stretchiness! Will stretch with you parts for example a swim cap

Print on most silicone parts including molds, wristbands and bracelets, iPhone and iPad covers, buttons for controllers, swim caps, silicone and smartphone keypads, touch-pads, silicone tubing, cabling and wiring, oven mitts, remote controls, silicone pot holders, silicone soft pens and any silicone promotional product you can think of.

Here’s how it works: You need a mixing cup and stick, then a gram scale and heat source which can be an oven, hot lights, hair dryer or any way to get the part to at least 300f. Weight the ink 10 parts ink to 1 part dryer, mix thoroughly. You have a 24 hour work life before it will dry. That time can be lengthened by putting the unused portion in the freezer. Apply the ink by screen print, pad print, spray, brush or dip. Heat for two to six minutes at 300f then enjoy your results!

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