Introducing Hapco’s X Series molding Chambers

Hapco’s X-Series Molding Chambers

“Rejects”  one of the largest issues facing the casting world. Part rejects occur as a result of entrapped air, voids, dimensional inaccuracy, human error or improperly cured material. Whatever the cause may be Raw Material Suppliers has the solution with Hapco products.

The combination of heat and pressure is often required to produce bubble-free castings and to decrease de-mold time. The X-Series Molding Chambers are specially designed to provide a heated and pressurized environment that, unlike most pressure pots, is horizontally oriented and features a removable shelf that provides a level casting surface.  Simply stated, the X-Series Chambers will help you save time, decrease rejects and increase profits!

Cure Under Pressurhapco pressure1e

Molding Chambers allow the user to cure their parts under pressure, minimizing the chance of getting air bubbles or void in your castings. Applying pressure between 70-80 PSI is ideal.


Post-cure Your Partshapco pressure2

Unlike most pressure pots on the market, Hapco’s Molding Chambers are internally heated, evenly curing the parts and saving energy at the same time!


Designed With You in Mindhapco pressure3.jpg

These molding chambers were specially designed for resin casting. It’s horizontal design, table-top mounting brackets, removable shelf, and hinged door are all unique to Hapco’s molding chambers. You will not find another device like it on the market!

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